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The ARCH course is designed for today's entrepreneur in China. WQS offers our entire set of online classes for a special price. These classes train you how to be strong, innovative and versatile so as to be able to manage many various tasks with confidence and expertise.

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Today's entrepreneur must be skilled and capable at a wide variety of business skills. Thus for such innovative and ambitious ones we offer our complete set of courses in one package.
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Why - Foundation, Steps, Pillars, Arch, Keystone?

DEFINITION of "foundation" - A FOUNDATION is the lowest, base supporting layer of a structure.

The FOUNDATION is what the entire structure is built upon and is vital for any building to be strong and long-lasting…
…likewise, whether new learners or seasoned speakers of a language, those that master the FOUNDATION of communication will be able to build more skilled and powerful abilities in Business English...

  WQS’s FOUNDATION classes are the most basic yet most important skills for effective, powerful and motivating communication. These skills are so vital that even the most experienced and talented of public speakers are well-served by reviewing and honing them from time to time. These classes are taught with a variety of material, exercises and quizzes so that the beginner as well as the advanced student can take this class. For more details, please contact now.
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DEFINITION of "steps" - STEPS are part of a staircase and are designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances.

To get to a higher level of a building we must walk up STEPS…
… in business English we reach higher levels of professionalism by mastering various skills and "climbing" (mastering) each STEP of professional business communication skills as well as international business etiquette and protocol.

  WQS’s STEPS classes are designed to teach you important aspects of business English while also guiding you into mastery of the various protocols and etiquette for successful international business communication. These skills must be learned and then honed by anyone wanting to be taken seriously and respected in the world business forum and especially with the high competition of today's market. We give interesting and innovating material, exercises and quizzes thus allowing you to take this class and master these skill sets. Please contact us to take your first "STEP".
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DEFINITION of "pillar" - A PILLAR (or column) in is a structural element that transmits, the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below and thus 'supports' ceiling and structure above.

Just as each PILLAR of a building add strength and beauty to a structure…
… a successful career and advancing career-person will have mastered the most important “PILLARS” in business communication.

  Each one of WQS’s PILLAR courses is actually a series of classes focusing on the specific set of skills required to master that aspect of professional business English communication. These courses are an in depth and comprehensive covering topics and skills such as - Presentations, Marketing, Business Proposals, Managing, Customer Services and others. Each course is offered separately so you can take the ones most important to you. These extensive courses are comprised of a set of classes offering a variety of exercises and quizzes designed specifically for each area thus allowing you to make a more profound and complete advancement as you build strong PILLARS in your business communication skills. Please contact us to discuss.
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DEFINITION of "arch" - An ARCH is a structure that spans a space and supports a load.

A strong ARCH that is made of good materials is vital to support a structure...
...just as the more successful people that hold up a company must have advanced professional skills.
  WQS offers training to businesses and individuals that is custom designed to meet the needs of your company and at the appropriate level so as to push your workers to excellence. We call courses that are custom designed specifically for your needs our ARCH courses. ARCH courses will include the FOUNDATIONS and PILLARS courses among other custom training. We also offer discounted rates for online classes provided to an entire office of employees. Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can best help your workers advance to the level you require.

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DEFINITION of "keystone" - A KEYSTONE is the wedge-shaped stone piece at the apex (top) of a masonry vault or arch, it is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the stones into position, thus allowing the arch to bear weight. These vital aspects make the keystone very important structurally.

As the KEYSTONE is vital in holding up the arch…
…likewise, the CEO/entrepreneur is vital to a strong and successful business.

  WQS’s offers personalized and/or one-on-one classes for CEOs, entrepreneurs and upper-management who want the attention and guidance so as to make fast and expert advancement on their international business English skills. We call these focused and custom classes designed especially for you our KEYSTONE course. Please email or call for any questions or concerns.
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